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Season 2013 Newsletter

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014



Our biggest thanks to each one of you for choosing us.




YOU are our greatest asset,  for it is your company and your 
desire to experience Alaska with us that drives the spirit of the 
lodge forward, from one year to the next.

The Bans _______________________ Returning guests since 2001

Salt water kings King salmon catches were excellent all season long.

These caught on board “the Kraken”with Captain Crusty this May.
See you next year!


West Liberty Foods does it Again!                 guests since 2009




As a team, WLF reeled in a 250# salmon shark (Well done! to the Daufeldts) and they win the title of biggest halibut for the season too! A 205# barn barn door!   (Congrats Jeff Schwartz!)                         See you again in 2014!


WLF 2013
  Opening Week mid may – and beautiful kings!
We caught salt water kings steadily
The NAPA & Firestone Group with 
feeder kings (their 3rd time)
All season long, from May-Sept



The Altschulers                            Returning guests since 1994




Mike & Duke and their crew  with just one of their great catches


What a great way to celebrate July 4th with 3 over 100#. 
Counting the days till next year’s trip.




      SOS/TWA Group_____________

returning guests since 2002




Bravo! A catch to be proud of! The Shadrow Brothers and guests experienced 
it all! they fished the salt, the local rives and flew out by helicopter. 


Widlanski ~ a whopper of a catch!______ returning 

guests since 1995





Still reeling in the big ones, after all these years! Halibut, lingcod, yellow eye,
rock fish and salmon too! You have it down! A smorgas board of species and the experience to bring in the big ones. See you in 2014! 
Bierman ~ Jaws! ____________   Returning guests since 2005
Three generations spending time together and catching a shark? 
A memory maker for all of us. See you in 2014

(Can you believe his brother caught a shark last season too



Halibut Limits are still 2 per day, per person


Mike Witorski from the TIG Group with a 66# LING COD: See you in 2014


Monster Yellow Eye!
Duke Altschuler – 27# Yellow Eye (July)
Dirk Giffin – 24# Yellow Eye (June)
Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez


Dan Hernandez came fishing with us this June
see us on his TV show this coming spring. Details to follow.


Salmon Galore
Drift fishing on the Kasilof for salmon – both boats limited and everyone got their limit of 6 sockeye a piece.
We have a circulating population of fish throughout our season which means fishing opportunities are endless.  

SHARK ATTACK Both the “Shooter” & “The Kraken” caught salmon sharks 
this year

 Keep scrolling down ~ THERE’S MORE ……  
The Tandon Group ~ they “Racked ’em and stacked ’em!

We are booking up fast for 2014!


Bookings for 2014 are really strong.  Below are our remaining available dates.  We want you back again next year, so please call soon to reserve your space! 








JUNE 3-7



JUNE 7-11










May 20-26



JUNE 4-11



JUNE 15-21



JUNE 22-28






AUGUST 24-30







Warm regards and heartfelt thanks from all of us


Deep Creek Fishing Club
(800) 770-7373

Fly-out adventures

by float plane or helicopter simply magnify the Alaskan experience; from outstanding to extraordinary! These encompass bear viewing, glaciers, flight seeing, fresh water fishing & more



Stream-side lunches

shore lunch

The Lodge

Our goal is to provide each guest with a sense of the adventurous Alaskan spirit while enjoying great fishing, deluxe accommodations and sincere hospitality. 
Sunset views in the new hot tub
Brown Bear
Fishing  with the bears
On board, The Kraken

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Season 2012 Newsletter

Monday, March 18th, 2013

2012 Seasonal Report
Warm greetings from Alaska! ~ we’re happy to report another successful season in which our captains brought back some great catches!

And Yes!  

Our limit is still 2 halibut per day per person.

The prize for biggest and most goes to the West Liberty Foods group who visited us this July.  What better team-building experience than this! We look forward to seeing you in 2013.

And what better way to spend time than with family … dads and sons, brothers and cousins … The Altschuler boys brought in a terrific load. See you again next season! 

209 Pound Halibut 


Our biggest halibut this season caught by Glenn Elzey ~ celebrating here with our Club signature drink, a Vodka Glacier Martini.(see how Capt. Crusty gets our ice in this newsletter)
24# Yellow Eye 

Inside Sport Fishing

Yellow Eye fishing proved to be terrific ~ we limited out every time.  See more about fishing with us on the TV Show, Inside Sportfishing. The story will be aired in March 2013 (Justin Reynolds poses with his catch)

Ling Cod


Ling Cod fishing was great fun – these monsters weighed in between 60 & 70 pounds! (Chris Armstrong of PMI group with Capt Crusty)

162# Halibut & 238# Salmon Shark!

The Biermans had a whopper of a time ~ bringing in both trophy halibut and a 238-pound shark! 

Yellow Eye Galore


The yellow eye fishery performed well this year ~ limits were met on every trip. The Loomis group pose here with mate, Whitney Crowell.

Cook Inlet
Kraken 600

Mt Augustine is seen in the background

Fish on!

Silver salmon every cast ~ 

Always an adventure

Charging Bear

Lobster Shore Lunch

Lobsters for Lunch

Fish with the bears
Shore Lunch Venue
Glacier Ice for martinis
Our goal is to provide each guest with a sense of the adventurous Alaskan spirit while enjoying great fishing, deluxe accommodations and sincere hospitality. 
Having a good time after fishing: pool, poker, telling fishing tales around the fire & watching the sun go down at midnight
You catch it, we fillet it, vacuum pack, freeze & box it ~ and you take it home. What a deal!
Crew:  Whitney, Tyler, CJ, Dallas & Morgan
BBQ deck
Chef Matt sets fire to our Baked Alaska 
Baked Alaska
 PMI Group    Brad HalvorsonMike Altschuler             von Normann                         Halvorson                                  Altschuler
Release “The Kraken”


Named after the monster of the deep, the new boat was equipped this year with 2 x 300 HP Yamaha engines and Raymarine E-Series Electronics ~ Yes, It’s all about catching fish!

 Yellow Eye  
                  David Fischer                                        Randy Spizek with Capt Forest

Many thanks to all of you who visited us from far and wide~ you made 2012 another successful year ~ we appreciate your business and look forward to sharing the adventurous spirit of this Great Land with you once again next season. 
Warm regards,
from all of us
Deep Creek Fishing Club
(800) 770-7373

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Season 2011 Newsletter

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Deep Creek Fishing Club

Greetings from Alaska!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving – thank you all for exploring the Last Frontier with us in 2011. Each week created its own special memories packed with great catches, terrific company, amazing scenery and incredible wild life viewing.

Our goal is to provide each of you with a sense of the adventurous Alaskan spirit while enjoying great fishing, deluxe accommodations and sincere hospitality.

We look forward to doing all of this and more with you again next season.

Warmest wishes,
Steve & Vivian

saltwater highlights 2011

Butler 2011
Best saltwater catch of the season = 1450 pounds                              4th time at the lodge
Thank you Dave Butler



Saltwater Adventure – Salmon shark for the Loomis Party                    4th time at the lodge

Thank you Barry

TOcean Catch
Amazing variety of species in one day ling cod, yellow eye, bass & halibut

The Naples Yacht Club- July                                                                  Thank you, Bill Cadogan

Action galore for the Lewis/Rampino Group …                                     3rd time at the lodge
Thank you Steve & Lou
Trophy size halibut  plus salmon                                                  3rd time at the lodge            Dolmatsky/Glosman/Chistyakov Party                                                 Thank you Alex, Leo & Igor
Trophy halibut for the Weiss Party – mid August           2nd trip Thank you Boris                                         


Limits of feeder kings & silvers – great action all day during last week of August.                               Thank you –  Sherman/Stanton/Hackman


Another amazing trip for the Widlanskii Party  – July                                         20th trip to the lodge

Thank you, Phil

Larry Csonka

A great catch for the NAPA group & Larry Csonka                   4th trip, 6 episodes Thank you,Larry Thank you NAPA

Seafood Tower Viv.Carley
Deck View
On the boat
Tammy Alford
203# halibut
Guests 2011
Banana Cream Pie
Crab Feast
Northern Lights
Cocktails Sunset
4 Helis
Brown Bear
Moose on Kasilof
Jumping whale

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November 2009 Newsletter

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Deep Creek Fishing Club  Newsletter  I, 2009
Warm greetings to you, from Alaska 

A big thank you to our loyal customers, and to our staff for your support through the 2009. We are happy to report another successful fishing season.

Halibut Fishing was over-the-top!
The 2009 halibut season proved to be amongst the best, bringing in some of the largest average catches ever. Captain Skye ran the Seeker, with the help  of Roger while Captain Steve captained the Shooter with deck hand, Gabe.

1552# halibut.aug

Jeff Holloway, Walter Martin, Julie & Dennis Aldridge, Jon Easter & Butch Anderson and Linda & Darin Doucette  pose with their incredible catch of 1552 pounds.

A highlight of the season, this was one of our biggest 2-boat catches: a total of 15 fish, 12 over 100 pounds for a total of 1552 pounds. (August 17, 2009)


We also had our largest 1-boat catch with the Petrochem Party on August 11, 2009: 8 fish weighing in at 969 pounds. Both are Club records.

We caught 5 fish over 200 pounds! 


There were so many great halibut catches, that we will put together a separate Newsletter, devoted just to those stories.
Good news for Cook Inlet …
the 2010 limit for halibut is still 2 per person per day.
Whereas SE Alaska is still limited to 1 halibut per person per day. 

Mt Redoubt

… Thar she blows  …
Mt Rebdoubt erupted 5 times this season.

Mt Redoubt, rises 11,060 feet above sea-level and is one of 4 volcanic peaks across from the lodge. Cook Inlet separates the lodge from the Alaskan Range by about 30 miles as the crow flies. This season, Mt Redoubt created quite a stir, boiling from within and eventually erupting several times through the spring. The first eruption occurred March 22, and then March 26 & 27-28. Fortunately for us, the wind blew the ashes in a southerly direction, so Ninilchik and the Lodge received only a dusting of ash … just enough to accelerate spring’s growing shoots to turn green.


king.todd  Kasilof King Salmon

This was the year for captain Todd, who did an outstanding job on the Kasilof River,bringing back limits almost every day for both June & July. We haven’t seen king fishing this good in many years!

Chinook fishing was off on most other rivers because spring was extremely warm & dry (the warmest and driest on record, in fact), but we still manged to haul them in.

 Tom Rouchon's King salmon.09
 Kenai River King
Tom Rouchon of Los Angeles, CA brought in this chrome-bright king while fishing the Kenai River this July.

Sarah Silver salmon Fly-out 


Silver Salmon

Silver fishing was spectacular with limits in the ocean from mid-July to mid-August. They were not as large as they have been in the past, but the numbers were staggering.    (more news to come in Newletter II)


Gallop.YE09 Yellow-Eye

Yellow-eye were prolific this season. We caught many over 20#, and received limits many days.

The fishing was so terrific that we have a new world record pending for this beautiful trophy.


 27 lb yellow-eye caught on 20# test by Chris Gallup of California, July 2, 2009.

Turbine Beaver

 Ninilchik Airport Runway is Fixed
What great news to learn that the runway at the local airport in Ninilchik had been repaired! As a result the Turbo beaver was able to land there again, saving us a drive to Homer and making each fly-out adventure so much easier. 



Seafood tower.09

The Staff of 2009
We were happy to have welcomed back world-class chef, Jack Yoss, and his lovely bride, Meghan both of whom did an outstanding job providing delicious, 5-star meals. Brooke Wescott was our licensed massage therapist for 09 and a lovely addition to the crew. Sarah was back for another season as our waitress, Deanna, the mayor is still going strong, Diana continued to do great working keeping the cabins clean. Captain Todd, Captain Skye and Gabriel provided first class service to guests as guides and deckhand with Roger maintaining the lodge while helping out as a guide and deckhand when needed.  Thank you all for your diligence and support this summer.



Max turned 13 this July making him 91-years old in human years. He may be grayer and a little slower than he once was … but  he is still meeting guests with hello-woofs and a wagging tail.


Looking ahead to 2010 – Bookings have been extremely strong, with many dates already sold out –


Please call us now so that you can get the time frame that works best for you.

Sincere best wishes,

Steve and Vivian
Deep Creek Fishing Club, Inc.

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September 2005 Newsletter

Monday, March 18th, 2013

September 2005 Newsletter

Silver Salmon …


Garrett shares the creek with a brown bear as he
fights a silver salmon.

Garrett & Dede Bouton have been fishing with us for
10 years and have enjoyed a variety of Alaskan
adventures throughout that time. They like to come
in the fall to catch the feisty silver salmon using top
water flies.

… and Bears …


Brown bears will fish for as long as they can, feasting
on the rich salmon until they’ve gained enough weight
to see them through hibernation.

… and more Silvers


Garrett and his party caught hundreds of chrome
bright silvers in five different fly-out rivers from
Kodiak, to Katmai to Prince William Sound.

Heli-Fishing for Silvers

Wayne Coleson holds up a silver salmon caught on a
fly rod and using a top-water fly. During his stay,
he and his group used the helicopter extensively,
visiting many pristine fishing areas.

” Silvers … cast after cast, after cast. The best yet!”

“This was one of the best days I’ve seen for silvers!

The mouth of the river had been blocked by a large
gravel bar preventing the salmon from entering it.
The water levels were just not high enough to let
them in.

Then the day before we landed a large rainstorm
raised the water level up, opening the mouth and
thousands of silvers in to the river system.

The fish were extremely aggressive, and we caught
them cast after cast after cast.”

Captain Crusty

Panoramic Scenery

Glacier viewing

Taking advantage of the fly-out option, is a great
way to see Alaska. En route to fishing you’ll find
yourself in awe of the beautiful landscapes, towering
peaks and endless fields of glacier upon glacier.



… upon Glacier


… upon glacier

Silvers …


Jonathan Novak, from Los Angeles, CA poses with a
silver salmon. This was his third trip to the

Bears …

Brown Bear

We share our fishing space with Bruin on many of our


GuideTodd and guest Steve Smith with rainbow trout

Stephen Smith caught and released many colorful
rainbow trout like this while fishing the glacier-fed
Kenai River.

Cheers … until next year

Pirate Night

” … and now it’s time to say farewell to all our
fishing friends. We would like to thank you folks for
kindly droppin’ in. You’re all invited back again to this
locality, to have a heaping helping of our
hospitality …”

… it’s more than fishing …


” … new friendships – that’s the greatest trophy of
all! Thanks for the memories!”
Jonathan Novak



Apart from the fishing, what our guests enjoy most is
the spirit of camaraderie that is so much a part of
Deep Creek Fishing Club.

Many thanks to all of you for making our 2005 season
a resounding success. We are happy to have been a
part of the memories you created while you were

If you have any suggestions, a fishing story or a
picture you’d like to share, do tell us. We’d love to
hear from you.


Steve and Vivian Moe

Deep Creek Fishing Club, Inc.


This is the fine print text where you might tell your
customers how the item will be shipped and, for
example, if they are overseas that there will be
additional shipping charges and must contact you.

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August 2005 Newsletter

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Deep Creek Fishing Club, Inc. Newsletter
More Highlights for the 2005 season

August Highlights

Matt Streeter landed this 311-pounder on his last day

Largest Halibut : 311 pounds

Matt and Dave Streeter were visiting the lodge on a
father-son trip when Matt reeled in this 311 pounder.

This was the second halibut caught in the 300-pound
class lodge for the season. The other was caught in

Of the catch, “Doc Dave” Steeter said: “A fish of a
lifetime on Matt’s first trip to Alaska. Great fishing,
great staff, a trip we relive almost daily.

Hope to be back in 2007 with 2nd son, John. Have to
eat my way thru 600 pounds of fillets first.”

What a catch!

Halibut and Silvers

The Huskeys and the Roberts reeled in this great
catch of halibut and silver salmon while fishing in
Cook Inlet. It was the Huskeys first time at the lodge
and all Terry wanted was to catch a 30-pounder.She
could hardly believe her luck when she reeled in these
huge fish.

433 pound salmon shark

433-pound Shark!

This was definitely Bill Huskey’s lucky day! He was
aboard the “Seeker” with Capt Matt Kruzick and Roger
Wiste when he hooked in to this monster. The story
in his own words …

“At the end of the second day of fishing we were
bringing in the lines to head back, when I hooked on
to something that felt completely different than what
a halibut bite feels like.

After 20 – 30 minutes of trying to bring it up, it came
to the surface about 50 feet from the boat. When I
saw it I knew it was a shark and the biggest one I
had ever seen, let alone caught.

This was the second day of very successful halibut
fishing. My wife and I had each caught one over 150
lbs and three each 70 to 100 lbs each.

I have fished all my life around San Diego and Baja
areas, even working on a small for hire boat as a
summer job when I was in High School. Needless to
say this is one fishing trip my wife and I will never

The shark BBQ’s as good as the halibut and we have
already made reservations for next year with Deep
Creek Fishing Club again.”
Bill and Terry Huskey

A banner day on the salt

Saltwater Fishing at its Best

What a day! Limits of halibut, silver salmon,
ling cod and black rock fish. All these fish were
caught in 50 feet of water within a 3 hour period.
Talk about action!

“I’d like to anchor there permanently!”, said Capt
Crusty. We had action like this the day before as
well. Looking forward to next year.” – and so are the
Fischers and Wilseys.


225 Pound Halibut

Sandy Shadrow stands beside his monster of a

He and his brother, Don, went out with Capt Crusty
aboard the “Shooter”, with no deck hand. They
caught 4 fish totalling 500 pounds.

They have been coming up each year and we look
forward to the next time. Fish on!


Silver Salmon

The Wilmas experienced Alaska in style on their 3rd
trip by chartering a Jet Ranger helicopter for the
entire week.

It whisked them off to unchartered fishing territories
and unique landscapes every day. Robin caught her
first fish on a flyrod on one of the many pristine
creeks they visited. Way to go, Robin!

Emil Lacek caught this 212-pound halibut in June

212 Pound Halibut

Emil Lacek caught this trophy halibut while visiting
the lodge with his son, Mark.

They also experienced a wide open bite for silver
salmon on the salt, limiting in 20 minutes.

Todd poses with a Kenai River rainbow

Rainbow Trout

We caught and released many beautiful rainbow trout
in August. Many were in the 10 pound range like the
one Capt Todd is holding.

Appetizers are served

After a long day of fishing, it is always nice to come
home to smiling staff.


“What a fabulous place! Truly a blessing to all, we’re
looking forward to coming back. Great fishing,
accommodations and staff!”
Randy & Norma Roberts, CA

“More than 1st class -world class!” Phil McKeever, MO

“We have had the time of our lives! An awesome
experience. All of the staff were just wonderful.”
Bill & Terry Huskey, CA

“Great time again! Phil Widlanski,NY

“A once in a lifetime experience that we plan to
repeat! Excellent!”
Tim and Susan Wilsey, PA

“Back again for the 5th trip. Great as always!”
Glenn Morten, WA

“It is always a new adventure each time we return.
These days are beyond our dreams!”
John & Robin Wilma, CA

“What an experience! Great fishing, majestic scenery
and tremendous food and hospitality. Taking many
cherished memories home with us.”
Howard & Carol Moores, TX

Jeff Bergdorf, UT

“Beautiful lodge, personnel super, fishing exellent.”
Adolf Schneider, WI

“Supercalifragilisticexpealedotios – every day a new
adventure. Lots of ‘Wow” factor.”
Michael & Marian Jeffrey, GB

“You have perfected the art of service.”
Steve & Donna Smith, TX

“Each year the experience somehow gets better!
More memories of a lifetime.”
Garret & Dede Bouton, CA

“The intimacy you have created with just 12 people is
your biggest asset. What more can we say than we
hate to leave and can’t wait to come back!”
Jim & Dolly McBride, MD

“Fabulous! Great lodge, great hosts and great guides!
Steve & Debbie Hurt, TX

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July 2005 Newsletter

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Deep Creek Fishing Club More 2005 Highlights

Greetings to you from the last Frontier.



  • July’s Largest Halibut
  • Awesome Ling Cod Fishing
  • Largest Kenai King
  • Helicopter Fishing
  • Rockfish
  • Pirate Night
  • Ultimate Father-Daughter Trip
  • Serving Crew 05
  • Awesome Ling Cod Fishing

    What a catch: ling cod and red snapper.

    Returning guests Matt Moore and Jon Mayer added
    ling cod to their fishing repertoire this year.They
    landed these assisted by deck hand, Brittney
    Gaethle and Steve Moe, aka Captain Crusty.

    Matt caught the largest one. It weighed 67 pounds,
    which made it a trophy catch. A 55-pounder is the
    qualifying weight for the trophy class distinction.

    This year the lodge expanded its fishing portfolio to
    include ling cod. The season for ling cod opens on
    July first and continues through August.

    Largest Kenai King

    King salmon

    Ryan Squires and Doc Stuart Finkelstein celebrate
    their catch.

    Caught on the Kenai River these kings weighed in at
    70 pounds and 55 pounds.

    Bob Black hosted this party, booking the entire lodge
    for the week. It was Bob’s 3rd trip to the Lodge.

    They fished the salt, the local rivers and went on a
    few fly-outs for an all-round Alaskan experience.

    Helicopter Fishing

    Heli fishing in the pristine wildernes

    We made good use of the Robinson R44 Clipper II
    helicopter this season for fishing, flight seeing, glacier
    viewing and nature watching. Many guests upgraded
    to this deluxe experience.


    Jon Mayer with a red snapper thathe caught

    Jon Mayer caught his first yellow-eyed rockfish while
    fishing in Kachemak Bay. Jon comes up every year
    with his father and both have scheduled for the 2006

    Pirate Night

    The best dressed pirates of the season

    Arrrrrgh, maties …

    We put on a great dinner every night, but Pirate
    Night always proves to be the most popular. This
    year Jerry Quinn and his party out did themselves.
    What great costumes! This was Jerry’s 10th year at
    the lodge.

    Ultimate Father-Daughter Trip

    Heli on Glacier

    Carrie Winsten returned to the lodge this year for her
    4th time and stayed 2 weeks. She shared the second
    week with her father for the ultimate father-daughter

    She booked the exclusive use of the Robinson
    Clipper R44 helicopter and had a dedicated guide for
    the entire week.

    Fresh water fishing for kings and rainbows on the
    Talachuitna was one of the highlights of the trip.
    Here they’ve stopped at a glacier en route to fishing.

    Serving Crew 05

    Serving Crew 05

    We were happy to serve you. From Left to right:
    Kristen, Deanna, David, Vivian and Kelly

    Thank you …

    We would like to say thank you to all of you who
    visited us this July. You created lasting
    memories while you were here, and we are happy to
    have been a part of them. If you have any
    suggestions, a fishing story or a picture you’d like to
    share, do tell us. We’d love to hear from you.
    Steve and Vivian Moe

    July’s Largest Halibut
    Brian Brown poses with his trophy halibut

    A dream come true for Brian Brown: a trophy 203
    pound halibut, the largest one caught in July. This
    was his 6th visit to the lodge.

    “What a place – by far the grandest lodge I have
    ever been to! Good job.” Brian Brown

    “My dreams have been fulfilled.”
    Robert Dunk

    “The best lodge in Alaska!”
    Craig Hau

    “Always great to see the Moes and go fishing.”
    Bob Black

    “I had the time of my life.”
    Chris Oveson (Black Party)

    “Great! Everything better than expected. A+.”
    Larry Winsten

    “Superb experience and gracious hospitality as
    always.” Michelle Moore

    “Great trip! Can’t think of a better way to have spent
    my 30th birthday.” Matt Moore

    “I had a great time and wonderful fishing.” Pat
    Oveson (Black party)

    “Exceptional vacation. Just what the doctor ordered.”
    Jane Seibert

    “Truly a unique and bountiful fishing experience we
    will long remember.” Rigney family

    “I had a great time.” Darrel Lainhart

    “You guys have this down to a science, don’t change
    anything. Excellent as always.” Rick Moore

    “Undescribable experience. Thank you!” Robert &
    Grace Pedigo

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    June 2005 Newsletter

    Monday, March 18th, 2013

    Deep Creek Fishing Club June 2005 Newsletter

    Greetings to you from the last Frontier.

    This Newsletter features only the June Highlights of
    2005. You’ll be receiving the months of July, August
    and September as well. From now on you can look
    forward to e-mails from us to keep you up to date on
    what’s happening at the lodge, provide you with
    fishing updates and show you the daily catches.


    “Wow! What a year!” Our 2005 season provided some
    of our best catches to date.

    Larry Csonka & Audrey Bradshaw visited the lodge in June

    Deep Creek Fishing Club had the honor of hosting
    Larry Csonka’s, “North to Alaska”, tv show this June.
    True to the flavor of the lodge, the crew was able to
    enjoy excellent fresh and salt water fishing. As well
    as angling locally, Larry flew out to the Karluk River
    on Kodiak Island where they caught their limit of king
    salmon. Their adventures also took them lake trout
    fishing at Chenik Lake, and halibut fishing aboard one
    of our 28 ft Koffler boats. The shows are scheduled
    to air in 2006.

    ‘ “Xcellent”. From “A” to “B” to “Z”, everything was
    great.We’ll be back” ‘ Larry Csonka

    The Lewis party with their catch of king salmon on the Chuitna River

    Steve Lewis and crew at the Chuitna River. The
    group arrived at the lodge in style aboard their Gulf
    Stream 4 jet. They did it all, rotating between fishing
    the salt, the local rivers and flying out to fresh water
    streams by plane and helicopter every day. Each
    morning brought the promise of another adventure.

    “The most complete fishing experience possible. The
    fishing was only outclassed by the service and food”.
    Steven Lewis

    Charlier Ricker Fly Fishing for Kings

    The Theodore and Chuitna Rivers counted amongst
    those that the Lewis party fished, arriving on location
    by helicopter. These rivers provided great fishing
    conditions, allowing the group to catch and release
    over 200 king salmon over the week. They have
    booked again for the 2006 season.

    “Our experience exceeded our expectations. Greatest
    fishing experience of my life in surroundings beyond
    description”. B. Kaiman – Lewis Party

    Long Family

    The Long family proudly boast of the fun they had
    while catching their daily limit of king salmon while
    fishing in the picturesque salt water bay of Halibut

    “All of us had a great time. It couldn’t have been
    better.” Paul Long

    Jeff Seibert - 200 Pound class

    Ricky Moore and his family, from Atlanta, GA have
    been coming to the lodge since 1995. This year he
    invited the Seiberts to join them on their 4th
    trip to the lodge. Jeff hauled in this monster halibut
    out of Cook Inlet. What a feat for a first-timer!

    “Experience of a lifetime. Excellent fishing and food,
    1st class accommodations”. Jeff Seibert

    We would like to say thank you to each of
    the 48 guests who visited us this June. You created
    lasting memories while you were here, and we are
    happy to have been a part of them. If you have any
    suggestions, a fishing story or a picture you’d like to
    share, do tell us. We’d love to hear from you.

    Steve and Vivian Moe

    Ninilchik’s 2005 Halibut Derby Winner
    John Bierman with the Derby Winner

    Another Derby Winner for Deep Creek Fishing Club

    John Bierman of Orange, Ca won the Ninilchik Halibut
    Derby this year with this enormous 365 pound, 94-
    inch long halibut, taking home the prize of $5,000.
    What a great way to spend fathers’ day!

    This halibut is the largest one caught in 20 years in
    Cook Inlet by a derby contestant. It went on to gain
    headlines in all the local papers, the LA Times, the
    Alaska magazine and the Anchorage Daily News.

    Read more:Anchorage Daily

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    Deep Creek Fishing Club and Larry Csonka

    Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

    See us in action as we catch rainbows and heli-fish for silver salmon with Larry Csonka and the North to Alaska show on the Versus Channel, Sunday May 2nd at 10:30am EST and Sunday May 9th at 10:30am EST.

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