September 2005 Newsletter

September 2005 Newsletter

Silver Salmon …


Garrett shares the creek with a brown bear as he
fights a silver salmon.

Garrett & Dede Bouton have been fishing with us for
10 years and have enjoyed a variety of Alaskan
adventures throughout that time. They like to come
in the fall to catch the feisty silver salmon using top
water flies.

… and Bears …


Brown bears will fish for as long as they can, feasting
on the rich salmon until they’ve gained enough weight
to see them through hibernation.

… and more Silvers


Garrett and his party caught hundreds of chrome
bright silvers in five different fly-out rivers from
Kodiak, to Katmai to Prince William Sound.

Heli-Fishing for Silvers

Wayne Coleson holds up a silver salmon caught on a
fly rod and using a top-water fly. During his stay,
he and his group used the helicopter extensively,
visiting many pristine fishing areas.

” Silvers … cast after cast, after cast. The best yet!”

“This was one of the best days I’ve seen for silvers!

The mouth of the river had been blocked by a large
gravel bar preventing the salmon from entering it.
The water levels were just not high enough to let
them in.

Then the day before we landed a large rainstorm
raised the water level up, opening the mouth and
thousands of silvers in to the river system.

The fish were extremely aggressive, and we caught
them cast after cast after cast.”

Captain Crusty

Panoramic Scenery

Glacier viewing

Taking advantage of the fly-out option, is a great
way to see Alaska. En route to fishing you’ll find
yourself in awe of the beautiful landscapes, towering
peaks and endless fields of glacier upon glacier.



… upon Glacier


… upon glacier

Silvers …


Jonathan Novak, from Los Angeles, CA poses with a
silver salmon. This was his third trip to the

Bears …

Brown Bear

We share our fishing space with Bruin on many of our


GuideTodd and guest Steve Smith with rainbow trout

Stephen Smith caught and released many colorful
rainbow trout like this while fishing the glacier-fed
Kenai River.

Cheers … until next year

Pirate Night

” … and now it’s time to say farewell to all our
fishing friends. We would like to thank you folks for
kindly droppin’ in. You’re all invited back again to this
locality, to have a heaping helping of our
hospitality …”

… it’s more than fishing …


” … new friendships – that’s the greatest trophy of
all! Thanks for the memories!”
Jonathan Novak



Apart from the fishing, what our guests enjoy most is
the spirit of camaraderie that is so much a part of
Deep Creek Fishing Club.

Many thanks to all of you for making our 2005 season
a resounding success. We are happy to have been a
part of the memories you created while you were

If you have any suggestions, a fishing story or a
picture you’d like to share, do tell us. We’d love to
hear from you.


Steve and Vivian Moe

Deep Creek Fishing Club, Inc.


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