November 2009 Newsletter

Deep Creek Fishing Club  Newsletter  I, 2009
Warm greetings to you, from Alaska 

A big thank you to our loyal customers, and to our staff for your support through the 2009. We are happy to report another successful fishing season.

Halibut Fishing was over-the-top!
The 2009 halibut season proved to be amongst the best, bringing in some of the largest average catches ever. Captain Skye ran the Seeker, with the help  of Roger while Captain Steve captained the Shooter with deck hand, Gabe.

1552# halibut.aug

Jeff Holloway, Walter Martin, Julie & Dennis Aldridge, Jon Easter & Butch Anderson and Linda & Darin Doucette  pose with their incredible catch of 1552 pounds.

A highlight of the season, this was one of our biggest 2-boat catches: a total of 15 fish, 12 over 100 pounds for a total of 1552 pounds. (August 17, 2009)


We also had our largest 1-boat catch with the Petrochem Party on August 11, 2009: 8 fish weighing in at 969 pounds. Both are Club records.

We caught 5 fish over 200 pounds! 


There were so many great halibut catches, that we will put together a separate Newsletter, devoted just to those stories.
Good news for Cook Inlet …
the 2010 limit for halibut is still 2 per person per day.
Whereas SE Alaska is still limited to 1 halibut per person per day. 

Mt Redoubt

… Thar she blows  …
Mt Rebdoubt erupted 5 times this season.

Mt Redoubt, rises 11,060 feet above sea-level and is one of 4 volcanic peaks across from the lodge. Cook Inlet separates the lodge from the Alaskan Range by about 30 miles as the crow flies. This season, Mt Redoubt created quite a stir, boiling from within and eventually erupting several times through the spring. The first eruption occurred March 22, and then March 26 & 27-28. Fortunately for us, the wind blew the ashes in a southerly direction, so Ninilchik and the Lodge received only a dusting of ash … just enough to accelerate spring’s growing shoots to turn green.


king.todd  Kasilof King Salmon

This was the year for captain Todd, who did an outstanding job on the Kasilof River,bringing back limits almost every day for both June & July. We haven’t seen king fishing this good in many years!

Chinook fishing was off on most other rivers because spring was extremely warm & dry (the warmest and driest on record, in fact), but we still manged to haul them in.

 Tom Rouchon's King salmon.09
 Kenai River King
Tom Rouchon of Los Angeles, CA brought in this chrome-bright king while fishing the Kenai River this July.

Sarah Silver salmon Fly-out 


Silver Salmon

Silver fishing was spectacular with limits in the ocean from mid-July to mid-August. They were not as large as they have been in the past, but the numbers were staggering.    (more news to come in Newletter II)


Gallop.YE09 Yellow-Eye

Yellow-eye were prolific this season. We caught many over 20#, and received limits many days.

The fishing was so terrific that we have a new world record pending for this beautiful trophy.


 27 lb yellow-eye caught on 20# test by Chris Gallup of California, July 2, 2009.

Turbine Beaver

 Ninilchik Airport Runway is Fixed
What great news to learn that the runway at the local airport in Ninilchik had been repaired! As a result the Turbo beaver was able to land there again, saving us a drive to Homer and making each fly-out adventure so much easier. 



Seafood tower.09

The Staff of 2009
We were happy to have welcomed back world-class chef, Jack Yoss, and his lovely bride, Meghan both of whom did an outstanding job providing delicious, 5-star meals. Brooke Wescott was our licensed massage therapist for 09 and a lovely addition to the crew. Sarah was back for another season as our waitress, Deanna, the mayor is still going strong, Diana continued to do great working keeping the cabins clean. Captain Todd, Captain Skye and Gabriel provided first class service to guests as guides and deckhand with Roger maintaining the lodge while helping out as a guide and deckhand when needed.  Thank you all for your diligence and support this summer.



Max turned 13 this July making him 91-years old in human years. He may be grayer and a little slower than he once was … but  he is still meeting guests with hello-woofs and a wagging tail.


Looking ahead to 2010 – Bookings have been extremely strong, with many dates already sold out –


Please call us now so that you can get the time frame that works best for you.

Sincere best wishes,

Steve and Vivian
Deep Creek Fishing Club, Inc.

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