July 2005 Newsletter

Deep Creek Fishing Club More 2005 Highlights

Greetings to you from the last Frontier.



  • July’s Largest Halibut
  • Awesome Ling Cod Fishing
  • Largest Kenai King
  • Helicopter Fishing
  • Rockfish
  • Pirate Night
  • Ultimate Father-Daughter Trip
  • Serving Crew 05
  • Awesome Ling Cod Fishing

    What a catch: ling cod and red snapper.

    Returning guests Matt Moore and Jon Mayer added
    ling cod to their fishing repertoire this year.They
    landed these assisted by deck hand, Brittney
    Gaethle and Steve Moe, aka Captain Crusty.

    Matt caught the largest one. It weighed 67 pounds,
    which made it a trophy catch. A 55-pounder is the
    qualifying weight for the trophy class distinction.

    This year the lodge expanded its fishing portfolio to
    include ling cod. The season for ling cod opens on
    July first and continues through August.

    Largest Kenai King

    King salmon

    Ryan Squires and Doc Stuart Finkelstein celebrate
    their catch.

    Caught on the Kenai River these kings weighed in at
    70 pounds and 55 pounds.

    Bob Black hosted this party, booking the entire lodge
    for the week. It was Bob’s 3rd trip to the Lodge.

    They fished the salt, the local rivers and went on a
    few fly-outs for an all-round Alaskan experience.

    Helicopter Fishing

    Heli fishing in the pristine wildernes

    We made good use of the Robinson R44 Clipper II
    helicopter this season for fishing, flight seeing, glacier
    viewing and nature watching. Many guests upgraded
    to this deluxe experience.


    Jon Mayer with a red snapper thathe caught

    Jon Mayer caught his first yellow-eyed rockfish while
    fishing in Kachemak Bay. Jon comes up every year
    with his father and both have scheduled for the 2006

    Pirate Night

    The best dressed pirates of the season

    Arrrrrgh, maties …

    We put on a great dinner every night, but Pirate
    Night always proves to be the most popular. This
    year Jerry Quinn and his party out did themselves.
    What great costumes! This was Jerry’s 10th year at
    the lodge.

    Ultimate Father-Daughter Trip

    Heli on Glacier

    Carrie Winsten returned to the lodge this year for her
    4th time and stayed 2 weeks. She shared the second
    week with her father for the ultimate father-daughter

    She booked the exclusive use of the Robinson
    Clipper R44 helicopter and had a dedicated guide for
    the entire week.

    Fresh water fishing for kings and rainbows on the
    Talachuitna was one of the highlights of the trip.
    Here they’ve stopped at a glacier en route to fishing.

    Serving Crew 05

    Serving Crew 05

    We were happy to serve you. From Left to right:
    Kristen, Deanna, David, Vivian and Kelly

    Thank you …

    We would like to say thank you to all of you who
    visited us this July. You created lasting
    memories while you were here, and we are happy to
    have been a part of them. If you have any
    suggestions, a fishing story or a picture you’d like to
    share, do tell us. We’d love to hear from you.
    Steve and Vivian Moe

    July’s Largest Halibut
    Brian Brown poses with his trophy halibut

    A dream come true for Brian Brown: a trophy 203
    pound halibut, the largest one caught in July. This
    was his 6th visit to the lodge.

    “What a place – by far the grandest lodge I have
    ever been to! Good job.” Brian Brown

    “My dreams have been fulfilled.”
    Robert Dunk

    “The best lodge in Alaska!”
    Craig Hau

    “Always great to see the Moes and go fishing.”
    Bob Black

    “I had the time of my life.”
    Chris Oveson (Black Party)

    “Great! Everything better than expected. A+.”
    Larry Winsten

    “Superb experience and gracious hospitality as
    always.” Michelle Moore

    “Great trip! Can’t think of a better way to have spent
    my 30th birthday.” Matt Moore

    “I had a great time and wonderful fishing.” Pat
    Oveson (Black party)

    “Exceptional vacation. Just what the doctor ordered.”
    Jane Seibert

    “Truly a unique and bountiful fishing experience we
    will long remember.” Rigney family

    “I had a great time.” Darrel Lainhart

    “You guys have this down to a science, don’t change
    anything. Excellent as always.” Rick Moore

    “Undescribable experience. Thank you!” Robert &
    Grace Pedigo

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