August 2005 Newsletter

Deep Creek Fishing Club, Inc. Newsletter
More Highlights for the 2005 season

August Highlights

Matt Streeter landed this 311-pounder on his last day

Largest Halibut : 311 pounds

Matt and Dave Streeter were visiting the lodge on a
father-son trip when Matt reeled in this 311 pounder.

This was the second halibut caught in the 300-pound
class lodge for the season. The other was caught in

Of the catch, “Doc Dave” Steeter said: “A fish of a
lifetime on Matt’s first trip to Alaska. Great fishing,
great staff, a trip we relive almost daily.

Hope to be back in 2007 with 2nd son, John. Have to
eat my way thru 600 pounds of fillets first.”

What a catch!

Halibut and Silvers

The Huskeys and the Roberts reeled in this great
catch of halibut and silver salmon while fishing in
Cook Inlet. It was the Huskeys first time at the lodge
and all Terry wanted was to catch a 30-pounder.She
could hardly believe her luck when she reeled in these
huge fish.

433 pound salmon shark

433-pound Shark!

This was definitely Bill Huskey’s lucky day! He was
aboard the “Seeker” with Capt Matt Kruzick and Roger
Wiste when he hooked in to this monster. The story
in his own words …

“At the end of the second day of fishing we were
bringing in the lines to head back, when I hooked on
to something that felt completely different than what
a halibut bite feels like.

After 20 – 30 minutes of trying to bring it up, it came
to the surface about 50 feet from the boat. When I
saw it I knew it was a shark and the biggest one I
had ever seen, let alone caught.

This was the second day of very successful halibut
fishing. My wife and I had each caught one over 150
lbs and three each 70 to 100 lbs each.

I have fished all my life around San Diego and Baja
areas, even working on a small for hire boat as a
summer job when I was in High School. Needless to
say this is one fishing trip my wife and I will never

The shark BBQ’s as good as the halibut and we have
already made reservations for next year with Deep
Creek Fishing Club again.”
Bill and Terry Huskey

A banner day on the salt

Saltwater Fishing at its Best

What a day! Limits of halibut, silver salmon,
ling cod and black rock fish. All these fish were
caught in 50 feet of water within a 3 hour period.
Talk about action!

“I’d like to anchor there permanently!”, said Capt
Crusty. We had action like this the day before as
well. Looking forward to next year.” – and so are the
Fischers and Wilseys.


225 Pound Halibut

Sandy Shadrow stands beside his monster of a

He and his brother, Don, went out with Capt Crusty
aboard the “Shooter”, with no deck hand. They
caught 4 fish totalling 500 pounds.

They have been coming up each year and we look
forward to the next time. Fish on!


Silver Salmon

The Wilmas experienced Alaska in style on their 3rd
trip by chartering a Jet Ranger helicopter for the
entire week.

It whisked them off to unchartered fishing territories
and unique landscapes every day. Robin caught her
first fish on a flyrod on one of the many pristine
creeks they visited. Way to go, Robin!

Emil Lacek caught this 212-pound halibut in June

212 Pound Halibut

Emil Lacek caught this trophy halibut while visiting
the lodge with his son, Mark.

They also experienced a wide open bite for silver
salmon on the salt, limiting in 20 minutes.

Todd poses with a Kenai River rainbow

Rainbow Trout

We caught and released many beautiful rainbow trout
in August. Many were in the 10 pound range like the
one Capt Todd is holding.

Appetizers are served

After a long day of fishing, it is always nice to come
home to smiling staff.


“What a fabulous place! Truly a blessing to all, we’re
looking forward to coming back. Great fishing,
accommodations and staff!”
Randy & Norma Roberts, CA

“More than 1st class -world class!” Phil McKeever, MO

“We have had the time of our lives! An awesome
experience. All of the staff were just wonderful.”
Bill & Terry Huskey, CA

“Great time again! Phil Widlanski,NY

“A once in a lifetime experience that we plan to
repeat! Excellent!”
Tim and Susan Wilsey, PA

“Back again for the 5th trip. Great as always!”
Glenn Morten, WA

“It is always a new adventure each time we return.
These days are beyond our dreams!”
John & Robin Wilma, CA

“What an experience! Great fishing, majestic scenery
and tremendous food and hospitality. Taking many
cherished memories home with us.”
Howard & Carol Moores, TX

Jeff Bergdorf, UT

“Beautiful lodge, personnel super, fishing exellent.”
Adolf Schneider, WI

“Supercalifragilisticexpealedotios – every day a new
adventure. Lots of ‘Wow” factor.”
Michael & Marian Jeffrey, GB

“You have perfected the art of service.”
Steve & Donna Smith, TX

“Each year the experience somehow gets better!
More memories of a lifetime.”
Garret & Dede Bouton, CA

“The intimacy you have created with just 12 people is
your biggest asset. What more can we say than we
hate to leave and can’t wait to come back!”
Jim & Dolly McBride, MD

“Fabulous! Great lodge, great hosts and great guides!
Steve & Debbie Hurt, TX

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