What are the bag limits?

halibut = 2 per day per person: one any size and the other 32″ or less.

There is no halibut fishing on Wednesdays, though you can purchase a GAF (Guided Angler Fish) Permit from us which will allow you to catch a 2nd fish bigger than 32″, and to catch halibut on Wednesdays. The GAF permit is offered at an additional cost.

ling cod = 2 per day over 35″,  after July 1

rock fish = 5 total, including 1 yellow eye per day

king salmon = 1 per day,  5 in possession. (Only 2 per year are permitted from the Kenai River)

sockeye salmon = 3-6 per day, depending on the area (no annual bag limit)

silver salmon = 2-5 per day, depending on the area (no annual bag limit)

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