Is fish processing included in the package?

All the normal processing of your catch: filleting, vacuum packing and freezing is part of the package, up to 100# of finished fillets, per person. Processing will be done to your specifications. It is then packed and boxed in airline–approved boxes, ready to take home with you on the plane, or you can arrange to have it shipped at your cost.

We use foam insulated seafood containers, which are then inserted into a waxed shipping box. This is designed to keep your fish in good condition until you get home. Each box holds up to 50 pounds of fish, and is counted as a luggage item. Check with your airline as to how many pieces you can check. Click here: Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air – Checked Baggage

Custom processing like canning or smoking is available at an extra cost.  Please note that custom processing takes a little extra time so may not be done by the end of your stay.  If this is the case, these items will have to be shipped to you at a later date.

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