How do I get to the Lodge?

Travel to and from the Lodge from Anchorage:

You have several options to reach the lodge:

1) Rent a car in Anchorage, head south (towards Homer), and enjoy the scenic, 186-mile drive to camp. It should take you approximately 3.5 to 4 hours – have your camera ready and your binoculars close at hand.  Look up at the mountaintops on occasion for Dall sheep, for moose closer to the road, bald eagles flying overhead and for whales frolicking in the inlet. Take your time and enjoy every moment; check-in isn’t until after 3:00 pm.

Once you reach Ninilchik, you’ll pass the General Store on your right,  Chinook Tesoro and the Fairgrounds on your left. Across from the fairgrounds, look for Julia Steik Road on the right.  Drive up the hill, turn left on Erickson and then make a quick right on Halibut Rd, heading towards the ocean– we’re at the very end of Halibut Road.

2) Catch a 25-minute commuter flight from Anchorage to Kenai. There are 2 airlines that offer this service:

·         ERA Aviation, an affiliate of Alaska Airlines.

Tel: 1-800 866-8394 or on line:

Luggage can be tagged directly to and from your destination

RT Anchorage to Kenai $236 subject to change

(Sometimes this cost is less if booked together with flights to/from Anchorage with Alaska Airlines)

·         Grant Aviation. Tel: 907 283-6012 or visit their website:

RT Anchorage to Kenai $178 subject to change

NOTE:  You will have to claim and recheck your bags in Anchorage.

Arrival: We will pick you up at the Kenai airport between 2:00-4:00 p.m., so try to arrange your flight as close as those times as possible. One of us will be at the airport to meet you near the baggage claim area or just outside the terminal.

Departure: The latest you can check out of the lodge is 11:00 am. When making your airline reservations, take in to account that the Kenai (ENA) airport is a 45-minute drive from the lodge.

3) Rent a car at the Kenai airport. The drive from there to the lodge is about 45 minutes. Bear in mind that you’ll be returning with fish boxes in addition to yourselves and your luggage, so be sure to allow yourselves enough room.

4) Drive and Fly
Some car rental companies like Avis and Payless, are now offering one-way rentals. The drop off fee ranges from $75-$150, (subject to change), depending on the time frame and availability. If you’d prefer to drive down and fly back out of Kenai, then this might be an option for you.

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