How do I get to the Lodge?

Travel to and from the Lodge from Anchorage:

Once you’ve reached Anchorage you have several ways to get to the lodge:

  1. You can rent car and drive down to the lodge. It’s a stunning scenic drive that takes you through the still snow-capped mountains of the Chugach Forest, past aqua-colored lakes and turquoise glacial rivers. It should take 3.5 hours depending on how many stops you make; all on a good road system and since there’s only one, you can’t get lost!
  2. Another option is to take the commuter flight from Anchorage (ANC) to Kenai (ENA) – it only takes 25 minutes, and we will pick you up in Kenai and drive you to the lodge. Currently neither airline has a code share program with any of the national airlines, so you will have to collect your bags in Anchorage and transfer them yourself.  Allow yourself enough time between flights as they require that you check-in at least 45 minutes prior to departure.
  3. GRANT Aviation: or 907 283-6012
  4. RAVN AIR: or 800 866-8394
  5. You can rent a vehicle one-way from Anchorage, driving it to Kenai and dropping it off there. We will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the lodge. You’ll need to schedule a return flight out of Kenai then.  Remember that the drive from the lodge to the airport takes about 45 minutes, and both airlines like you to check-in an hour before departure.
  6. Charter a Caravan Airplane and fly directly from Anchorage in to Ninilchik, landing on our local airstrip just 3 miles from the lodge. The plane holds 8 passengers. Current cost is $4100 RT or $2050 OW.
  7. You can fly your own jet to Kenai (ENA). To arrange this please call the Airport Management directly at 907 283-7951. We can pick you up there and transfer you to the lodge

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